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Highland Muscle Show Their Strength in Bathurst

Highland Games

Highland Games

The guys from Highland Muscle put on an outstanding Highland Games exhibition over the weekend for the Scots School in Bathurst’s Highland Gathering. As always it was a great day where amateur athletes do their best. It was great to see the guys and gals toss and throw and carry heavy things.

highland games

AP was the quiet achiever with a great score in every event! Clive won 4 of the 6 events but his decision to leave the WOB too long was overoptimistic! Haggis got sunburnt! Stu is a force to be reckoned with in the future, a great effort in all events and a fantastic result for a novice! Took me 10 years to turn the caber ya bastard! Liam produced some great throws but his favourite event was cancelled! Gareth weighs half what you others weigh but still put in a great score. Kurt, very much the gentleman, friend and coach to others. Thats the spirit of the games, and a great win! Well done Kurt! Stephen, consistent in every event, but needs to put his weight up. Audrey won the ladies in style but the other 2 competitors were up there. Renee a novice showed great style and good throws and Michallie (hope I spelt it right) threw consistently but hates the weight over bar. So do I!


The school people were really happy, great spectacle and well behaved, no management required, so I am sure we (Higthlande Muscle) will be back next year! Well done all! Congratulations to Kurt and to Audrey, but thanks to all that participated and made it happen!


If you would like to get involved with Highland Muscle Please check out their Facebook Page

highland muscle

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