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Whey Protein Concentrate & Whey protein Isolate – What is the difference?

As if is it isn’t already hard enough when choosing a protein powder with all the different brands or flavours to choose from, we also need to decide whether to use a whey protein concentrate (WPC) or a whey protein isolate (WPI).

But what is the difference between a WPC and a WPI?

When choosing your protein the more informed you are the better your choice will be I’ll show you the differences between the two different protein types including the pros and cons of each so read on and see for yourself.
The differences:

1. Processing
Whey protein concentrate is processed through ultra-filtration processing. To make whey protein isolate you take WPC and filter it again though even an even smaller filter called micro filtrations these filters are 4 times smaller than the ultra-filtration filters. Therefor a WPC will have more impurities then a WPI and can create gas and tummy upsets.

2. Nutrients
Because WPC does not go through the double filtration system it is left with 5-7% milk fat. This is not the worst outcome though as this milk fat contains anabolic growth factors which are not usually found in a WPI and it also contains higher levels of phosphor-lipids including CLA which protects against cancer and aid in weight loss!
A WPC also contains more lactose which contains prebiotics, immune regulatory factors and other beneficial properties. Although if you are lactose intolerant a WPI will be a much better choice for you. Also because of the higher fat and lactose levels a WPC contains more calories so if you are on a stricter diet a WPI will again be better for you.

3. Taste
A WPI will generally taste a little better than a WPC this is because it is more filtered, it basically tastes like you are drinking flavoured milk a WPC can have a more powdered texture and taste to it.

4. Protein per serve
A WPI has a higher amount of protein per serve then a WPC this again is to do with the filtration process, which takes the impurities and most of the fat and carbs out of the whey leaving you with a more pure protein with more protein per gram. This is why a WPI will be more expensive than a WPC.

5. Absorption
A WPI will be absorbed a lot quicker than a WPC and therefore can feed your hungry muscles a lot quicker and start the healing process faster too.


I myself choose a WPI over a WPC due to lower fats and carbs, faster absorption, less side effects and it really does taste better.
Ultimately it’s up to you to decide what you are after in a protein shake and how much you are willing to spend, for those of you on a tighter budget and want the benefits on higher CLA and not to concerned about calorie consumption then try a WPC, on the other hand if you want a super lean protein, with a smoother consistency and taste that also delivers higher amounts of protein then a WPI is for you.
Now the hardest decision should be what flavour I should buy.

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