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The Ultimate Bodybuilding Bulking Diet

Want to know how to get big quickly? Diet plays a key role in every bodybuilder’s journey. It’s simple, if you aren’t eating enough you just won’t grow, if you’re eating too much you will just store fat. There are a few simple calculations to show you how much calories you should eat per day and how to know if the diet is working for you. Read on and take the first step in the Ultimate Bulking Diet!

Bodybuilding Bulking Diet

Step 1- Estimation of Daily Calories

Calories are what the body burns for energy on a daily basis. Every move you make your body uses calories to give you the energy to physically do it.
When you are bulking your aim is to eat more calories on a daily basis. Everyone’s needs are different so we base the amount needed on body weight. All you need to do is multiply your currant body weight in pounds by 18, for example if you are weighing in at 75kg first convert it to pounds (use an online calculator) so that will be 165lB then multiply by 18 which equals 2970 calories per day round it off to 2900 daily.

Bodybuilding Bulking Diet

Step 2- The Meals

For the most part is really doesn’t make a difference how often you eat, a good idea is to divide the protein up into sets of about 40g per meal to prevent stomach upset but ultimately it is really up to you, as long as you are reaching your set calories and sticking to a body building workout plan then you will be doing fine and the diet will work. here is an example diet:

Meal 1:

Bowl of oats
2 eggs, 8 whites added
WPI Shake

Meal 2:

Chicken/Turkey/White Fish (Choose an option)
Brown rice/Sweet Potato/Basmati Rice (Choose an option)

Meal 3

Chicken/Turkey/White Fish (Choose an option)
Brown rice/Sweet Potato/Basmati Rice (Choose an option)
Green Vegetables

Meal 4

Leam beef/Kangaroo (Choose an option)
Brown rice/Sweet Potato/Basmati Rice (Choose an option)

Meal 5

Cottage Cheese
WPI Shake

Bodybuilding Bulking Diet

Nutritional Labels:

It is important to be able to understand the nutritional label on foods so you can keep your calories in check.
For example:
25 grams of protein is equal to 100 calories
Remember, there are 4 calories per 1g of protein so simply multiply the 25g of protein from the nutrition label by 4 and you get your answer in calories.
Do the same for your fats and carbs and you will see how many calories you will be consuming.

Bodybuilding Bulking Diet

Step 3- Supplements

A lot of body builders turn to supplements to aid in the bulking journey, you can get a good whey protein Isolate which will provide quality protein from muscle building, which is easy to have pre and post wrk out. Many people also use mass gainer protein shakes, creatine and powdered carbs to really boost performance, growth and recovery.

Bodybuilding Bulking Diet

Step 4- Is it working??

A good bulking diet should see you gaining about half a kilo per week. If you are not gaining this amount tweak your numbers by increasing your calories by 10-20% per week until you are gaining the right amount weekly. If you are gaining too much decrease your calories by 10-20% weekly until you are averaging 0.5kg of weight increase per week.

Bodybuilding Bulking Diet

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