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What IS CLA?

CLA, is one of the most favoured fat loss supplements of today, but does it work and is it for you?

So what exactly is CLA?

Conjugated Linoleic Acid or preferably CLA is actually a naturally occurring fatty acid found in sunflower oil, dairy and meat. It is most famous for its use as a fat loss supplement. It also has a few other health benefits it reduces the risk of breast cancer, increases metabolism and lowers cholesterol.

CLA works by reducing fat mass and increasing lean muscle mass simultaneously.  It inhibits the body from storing fat, it will cause the body to use existing fat as an energy source and it will increase lean muscle tissues.

Achieving these results from CLA found in our diet alone is almost impossible as it is find in only small amounts in foods that also contain high amounts of saturated fats, thus making supplementation of CLA a must.

How do I use it?

woamn eating pill universalIt is recommended that you use 3g daily of CLA broken up into 3 dosages with meals. It is also said that it will take around 6 weeks for you to notice a difference, hence it is not an overnight quick fix but the results do happen.

The reason for the slow weight loss is that CLA is also growing your lean muscle tissue which as you may know weighs more than fat. This is why it is recommended to take the supplement for 6 weeks before you decide if it is working for you or not, and even then you may not see dramatic results for a few months.

Is CLA for me?

Basically if you want to lose fat and at the same time gain a lean, toned look then CLA may just be the wonder supp you have been searching for.

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