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The Best Fat Burning Stack for Women

So, you’re ready to burn that fat, you’re starting a workout plan, and a diet. You’re ready and wondering how supplements can help? You walk into any supplement store and instantly feel overwhelmed by the array of products offering different ingredients that burn fat, but which ones should you use? Which ones work together and which ones are rubbish??? Here’s the low down on the best fat burning stack for women. You’ll never have to wonder again!

1.Thermogenic Fat Burners

The first and most obvious choice is a fat burner supplement but what ingredients are the most efficient?

One of the key ingredients is caffeine, on the ingredients list it will come under caffeine, caffeine anhydrous, green tea extract, trimethyl xanthine and caffeine citrate. Caffeine promotes lipolysis which is the breaking down of fat to be used as energy which in turn speeds up the body’s metabolism causing the body to burn more calories, caffeine also suppresses the appetite and acts as a stimulant so you will receive a nice energy boost while using theses supplements. so, it’s obvious why it’s the main ingredient in a thermogenic.

L-tyrosine or 4-hydroxyphenylalanine is another popular ingredient in thermogenic fat burners. This amino acid really promotes thermogenesis, the bodies way of generating heat, which helps to burn more calories.

Beta-alanine is another popular ingredient, this amino acid raises muscle carnosine levels which cause faster muscle contractions so you are able to work harder and longer, this in turn causes you to burn more calories.

There are also many herbal ingredients that all work in different ways to promote thermogenesis, appetite suppressors, and stimulants there are too many to list here and I will go through these in other articles.

Look for a combination of these ingredients in your thermogenic fat burner for best results.

2. L-Carnitine

This compound is a must have for your fat loss stack. L-carnitine’s job is to transfer long-chain fatty acids into mitochondria so they can be oxidised and burned as energy. This means your body will no longer be storing fat it will be continuously using it to fuel it activities. L-carnitine also acts as an appetite suppressant so you will no longer be over eating.

When you combine l-carnitine with a thermogenic you’re really getting the best of both worlds as your body is using fat stores for energy and is also no longer allowing you to store new fats!

3. Protein

Another very important component of your fat burning stack is protein!

You may be scared that protein is going to stack on the gains and really your trying to lose, not gain. Protein helps you to gain LEAN muscle which happens as you are burning fat. A good protein to go for is a WPI with little or no fats, carbs and sugars. This will keep your calorie intake down and allow your body to get the extra protein it needs while burning away the fat!

These are the Top Three products I recommended for a fat burning stack. Now that your armed with information head into the supplement store and get ready for the body you have been waiting for!
Go get it girl!

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