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Here at Switch, we believe in a holistic approach to looking good and staying fit. Power Switch delivers exactly that. We subscribe to the idea that the hard work you put in at the gym ought to be rewarded in kind. To that end, we supply top quality fitness products that won’t just rev you up and fill you out, but will also provide you with the nutrients that you need to maintain the gains that you worked so hard to earn.


POWER SWITCH increases performance based on key ingredients contained within. There are several compounds in specific combinations promote performance enhancement. this will help improve strength, energy, stamina, and muscle building potential.


POWER SWITCH belongs to our latest line of clinically tested, gym rat-approved fitness and wellness products. This tried and true combination of nutrients and supplements provides all the raw materials that you need for your next workout. In the past, you’d have to buy twelve different pre-workout supplements and four different varieties of protein powder. Forget all that. Our expert formula makes sure that you have all your pre- and post-workout bases covered.


POWER SWITCH packs a potent punch with its carefully calibrated combination of performance boosters and performance sustainers. Our balanced recipe of energy-enhancing supplements (caffeine, juniper communis, 2-amino Iso-heptane, L-theanine, synephrine, taurine) collaborate to keep you at the gym, while our expert formula of citruline malate, beta alanine, creatine monohydrate, and critical co-factors make sure that the effort you put in on the machines translates into tangible gains in muscle mass and endurance.

With POWER SWITCHyou’re not just boosting your gains, but you’re also improving the way that you work out. Our powders come in a variety of flavors, and our combination of supplements is tailor-made to suit the lifestyle you live.

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1 review for Power Switch – Switch Nutrition

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    David Blakeley

    Power switch has shocked me. Not because it’s bad but because it really is good. I have read reviews that it gives everyone energy but I didn’t think it would make me feel great and not feel weird at all. I highly recommend this.

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