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Hype Whey Fusion combines some of the most pure forms of protein available anywhere in ratios that are perfect for muscle growth and recovery. The blend also includes additional proven amino acids in the form of Leucine and Glutamine, not just cheap amino fillers.

Designed for optimal results both after training and as a general all purpose protein

Whey Fusion combines whey protein concentrate, casein and whey protein isolate, all being hormone free from grass fed cows. These proteins are rich in natural levels of Glutamine, EAAs and BCAAs and are generally considered the best available for muscle growth and recovery. Hype Whey Fusion is further complemented by boosted amino acids, particularly Leucine which is the prime amino acid responsible for muscle growth and Glutamine an amino acid essential for recovery. Studies have shown that higher Leucine levels result in more efficient and rapid protein synthesis.

Whey Fusion has one of the highest protein levels of any blend on the market. It is absorbed quickly so it can be consumed at any time of the day, after training or as a general use protein.

Great tasting, creamy texture. Whey Fusion is the closest you’ll get to a creamy milkshake taste in a protein shake!  It’s delicious!


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