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Hype Hyper Isolate is a Hydrolysed WPI, which is one of the most advanced whey proteins to assist with gaining lean muscle and/or increasing recovery.

With a degree of hydrolysis of 20.7% and a low average molecular weight of 1400 Daltons, it has very high levels of Di & Tri Peptides which assist with rapid absorption, enabling a quick increase in protein synthesis making it ideal to consume around your workout.

Hyper Isolate is proud to offer the highest quality pre-digested whey protein isolate available in Australia. The facts are:

  • Low Average Molecular Weight of 1400 Daltons
  • High Degree of Hydrolysis at 20.7%
  • High Level of Di, Tri Peptides & other low molecular weight Peptides
  • Over 95% Protein (dry basis), Less than 1% Fat and Carbs

This makes it significantly superior to Whey Protein Isolate and Concentrates.


MOST POPULAR wpi universal


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1.2kg, 2.4kg


Bountie, Choc Dream, Nutella, Rocky Road


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