Highland Games Throwing Weights (Weight for Height/Weight for Distance)




Highland Games Throwing Weights/Highland games implements. Steel cased and lead alloy filled, spherical with triangular handle. Handle attached to a short length of chain by a heavy-duty carbon steel shackle. This allows all weights to be used for both height and distance events. PLEASE ALLOW FOR POWDERCOAT COLOUR VARIATIONS IN PRODUCT.

Weight for Height

Places are determined by maximum height reached with the fewest misses. The size of the weight varies with the competition class. Advanced male athletes throw a 25 kg (56 lb. or four stone) weight, female athletes throw a 12 kg (28 lb.) weight and male master class or senior athletes throw a 19 kg (42 lb). weight.

Weight for Distance

Weight for distance, also known as the weight throw event. There are actually two separate events, one using a light (28 lb. for men and 14 lb. for women) and the other a heavy (56 lb for men, 42 lb. for masters men, and 28 lb for women) weight.


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14 lb Weight – Women’s and Women’s Masters Light WFD, 21 lb Weight – Masters Women’s Heavy WFD and WFH and Men’s Senior Masters Light WFD, 28 lb Weight – Women’s Heavy WFD and WFH and Men’s Light WFD, 35 lb Weight – Senior Men’s Masters Heavy WFD and WFH, 42 lb Weight – Masters Heavy WFD and WFH, 56 lb Weight – Men’s Heavy WFD and WFH


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