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How Has This Little Red Capsule Created Such Hysteria?


Not since Willy Wonka’s announcement of the illusive golden tickets has there been such a stir among the community. So what is causing such a flurry of excitement? The answer is one simple four letter word… PING. Everybody wants it, Everyone knows someone who’s tried it and demand is so high that it can be hard to get your hands on. The rumour mill has overflowed with talk about this mysterious red pill, from shark pheromones to berries found deep in the amazon forest. I decided to get to the bottom of this.


First off what is PING? It has been described by its users as anything from a fat burner, to a pre workout, to an awakening alertness product. Faster Nutrition (The company that creates PING) simply describes it as an “EPIC BURNER COMPLEX.” As far as Amazonian berries and shark pheromones go… It’s pretty clear they’re not in there. In fact upon looking at the Nutrition label it becomes very clear what is contained in the little red capsule. Faster Nutrition hasn’t even hidden this popular breakthrough mix under a proprietary blend. In fact they’ve somewhat brazenly listed the exact quantity of each compound contained within the product.


I had to know more. I had too many unanswered questions. I decided to go straight to the source. I contacted the CEO of Faster Nutrition who also happens to be personally responsible for the creation of PING, Daniel Talevski. Daniel was a good sport agreed to an interview:

Upon sitting down with Daniel you can immediately tell he’s bursting with excitement to talk about his product. He speaks in such a way that it almost seems like his brain is moving faster than his mouth. As he describes things his ethnicity causes his hands to start gesturing in quite a profound way. His energy is electric and although he is speaking at the pace of an F1 race car, you find yourself glued to each statement he makes. It’s an effort to keep up, but its worth it if you can. Here is how the interview went down:

Daniel Talevski, CEO Faster Nutrition

What prompted you to create PING?

I had been creating custom formulas for friends and family for years. I was passionate about efficient body sculpting techniques and started to pursue it after a coworker noted my formulas as unlike anything on the market, I quit that job the next day.

How did you come up with the ingredients for the blend?

Believe it or not after I had been trialling and failing with multiple blends, the idea came late at night. I had been tossing and turning for hours in and out of sleep. So much so that I wasn’t sure if my epiphany was actually a dream! I woke properly and ran to a pen and paper. The next morning I ordered the trial which actually worked even better than I had hoped.


What makes PING different to other products on the market?

There is nothing that has the synergistic qualities in my opinion, users are presented with a hardcore product and it delivers. Too many companies today have a “more is more” mentality. Unfortunately that isn’t always the case. You need to look at how each compound interacts with others. Sometimes certain compounds can actually render each other null and void. I see this often. Synergy is what truly creates PING’s potency. It has a cult following and my customer loyalty is extraordinary and humbling.

Why do you think PING has become so popular?

As with anything that is an instant hit, there is a snowball effect. PING has gained a large following, This following continues to grow through word of mouth and the general excitement surrounding the product. When you create something of high quality that works very well, the product speaks for itself and the people do the rest.


There have been plenty of rumours about PING from bulls testicle extract to mysterious South American mushrooms. How do you deal with this kind of talk and where do you think it originates.

The effect of ping varies user to user but it’s qualities are often rave worthy. I let the raving fans have their fun and allow the market place to gossip away. It’s generally all in good spirits, although occasionally there have been rumours intentionally concocted to damage the brand it would seem. I feel some may have been generated by failed copy cats that have fallen short… and there have been many. I have no animosity towards these guys, if anything I feel sorry for them. The consumers are smart enough to see straight through that kind of thing.

What is the most hilarious rumour you’ve heard about PING?

I heard a rumour that our product contained Ecstasy…. Haha I don’t think our retail price is high enough for that lol

Why is there so much mystery behind PING?

PING is becoming a Cult product.  It’s users have created a personality for the product. The Chinese whispers effect has caused users to fabricate fictitious blends all on their own for which I make no claims, it’s all hearsay but it perpetuates itself. I just focus on making sure every batch is the best ever.

You have listed your ingredients and their quantities in plain sight, why didn’t you go with a proprietary blend?

The ingredients are very specifically chosen and their source and purity is absolutely essential for it to have its relative synergies. Many have copied and failed, just as many people know the ingredients of a cake and fail to make it like grandma!!!

What is next for faster nutrition?

Faster nutrition has some surprises in store, and we are working closely with international research companies to create our own novel compounds that can benefit formulated supplementary sports foods the world over.


3 thoughts on “How Has This Little Red Capsule Created Such Hysteria?

  1. I love ping!!! This was great to read, Daniel seems like a clever guy. I recommend ping to all my friends, it is by far the best I have taken!

  2. I trained with Daniel a few years ago and have total faith in his product. If it wasn’t for Daniel’s dedication and vast knowledge I wouldn’t be where I am today.

  3. Ping is absolutely amazing! Ive lost 4.5kgs in 6 weeks and my energy levels are through the roof. God bless faster nutrtion. lol.

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